Tuckpointing: 140 College Avenue (The John Snaith House) PT. I

This building caught my eye, in part due to a recent addition to the opposite side of the building in the photo. After a bit of research, it became evident that this was the home of John Snaith. He was a local builder / Architect / contractor and tradesman from England, was originally in town to do work at Llenroc. Some of the projects he worked on in Ithaca show examples of brick Tuckpointing and 1st rate stone work. A great example is at 405 S. Albany St. (Will showcase at a later date). I believe Snaith along with classically trained architects like Charles Babcock and William Henry Miller, often used Tuckpointing on their structures where possible. So it should be of no surprise that the house John Snaith built for himself would showcase this technique

Now I know I only have one photo of this example but I do plan on going back and writing a part II on this one, so hold to your hats. Until then you can focus on the photo along the roofline above the porch, where a patch exists about 4ft wide and 1.5ft high. Or better yet take a look at this detail for yourself next time you go by.