Tuckpointing: Women’s interfaith institute

While on a small trip to Women’s Rights National Historic Park, I couldn’t help myself and had to take a closer look at the church next door, located at 140 fall street, Seneca falls, NY.

While poking around I was approached by a woman working in the flower beds, who introduced herself as Allison Stokes, Founding Director of the Institute. She explained that the church caught on fire a number of years ago and suffered less from fire damage and more water damage from firefighters dousing the flames via a hole in the new roof.

The church itself was built in 1871 and has all the hallmarks of traditional Tuckpointing. The ribbons are almost all gone except in sheltered areas but interestingly on the façade a distinct cleaner area can be seen. This cleaner area follows a near plumb line on the face of some brick, indicating that the head joints or perp ribbons were laid directly on the face of the brick. Another interesting feature is that a few parts of the stopping mortar are vivid. However, this is only in isolated areas. Further investigation would be needed to determine the exact tuckpointing methods employed here.  Never the less it would look excellent restored to its former glory.